On February 24, 2012, I gave a presentation at the Fulbright mid-year conference about my experiences as an English Teaching Assistant and with creating ¡Extran Hero!

Here you will find the video of the presentation.  I was very pleased with how it went, and I can happily say I did what perhaps nobody has done before: shown a picture of Rambo at a Fulbright conference.  I experienced a few technical difficulties with the display of some photos, so you will find the photos along with the missing ones that go along with the presentation below!

Watch me speak about ¡Extran Hero!

One of my coordinators Beatriz and I during our Halloween celebration.
My BFF Brian Kateman and I during his holiday visit to Madrid.
My students had to “dress” their print-out turkeys, so this student decided to dress hers as me. 

Student submissions for the “Amor Imposible” Cartooning Contest