About ¡Extran Hero!

Bienvenidos al mundo maravilloso de ¡Extran Hero!

¡Extran Hero! follows the adventures of Michael Young, Fulbright grantee in 2011-2012.  Young works in a bilingual program in Móstoles, Spain.  He renewed his contract through the Comunidad de Madrid to continue his work as an English Teaching Assistant, which he does with creative energy and great passion.

There are a number of reasons why Americans and people from other countries might come to a city like Madrid (there are American-owned cafes, as one example), but some of the popular reasons include research and teaching English.  Auxiliares de Conversacion and Fulbright English Teaching Assistants work part time in Spanish public schools, supporting the work of teachers in bilingual education.  In the rest of their time, auxiliares make new friends, enjoy Spanish life, travel around and outside of Spain, and work on their dream projects. 

This comic is designed to give readers a sense for what it is like to be an auxiliar in Spain.  If you ever have the opportunity or desire, apply to one of these or similar programs.  Being a teaching assistant in Spain can be a life-defining experience.

Enjoy ¡Extran Hero!

Me battling a subterranean rat stripper, expertly drawn by fellow Fulbrighter Moira Cassidy.

Michael Young, the creator of ¡Extran Hero! is a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Madrid, Spain from 2011-2012.  He renewed for a second year through the Auxiliares program from 2012-2013, working at the same middle school. Previously, Michael was the creator of Operation Three-Legged Dolphin, a humor magazine still being published at the College of Staten Island, from which he graduated in 2010. You can visit his cartooning website here to learn more about his other projects!